Cyclops Smash Slot Overview

Cyclopes need compassion. Outside of the X-Men, they’re characterized as angry brutes who use clubs to attack anybody who bothers them. Rell, a beneficent cyclops from the 80s sci-fi film Krull, is an exception. Rell’s forefathers traded one eye with the Beast for future vision in Krull’s movie. The Beast tricked them into seeing only their deaths. Back to the topic at hand, Pragmatic Play’s Cyclops Smash online slot perpetuates the harsh cyclops reputation by changing the grid and maybe winning.

Cyclops Smash employs cartoon-style visuals to bring players to a beach with a seagull, sand, waves, palms, and a lumbering, unhappy-looking cyclops with a giant spiky cudgel. Move away as he swings. When he swings or stomps, the effects range from ‘oh, nothing’ to’something terrific’. He should crush more, frankly. Cyclops Smash’s 7×7 game grid, located in the middle of the screen, awards wins when clusters of at least five similar symbols land horizontally or vertically.

Cyclops Smash is a risky online slot with a hefty win cap to smash, or try to. Players may buy the free spins round instead of waiting for the requisite amount of scatters to land to start the bashing by betting 20 p/c to £/€240 every paid symbol drop. Cyclops Smash’s default RTP is 96.05%, but free spins increase it to 96.06%.

On landing, the Tumble mechanism removes all winning symbols and clusters them. Symbols fall to fill the vacant places, and if a new cluster forms, the Tumble function activates again until no new wins occur. The paytable features a lemon, orange, green fruit, grapes, beef, a jewel, and a helmet from low to high. A successful cluster of 5 similar symbols pays 0.2 to 1 times the wager, while a 15-49 symbol cluster pays 20 to 1,000 times the stake. Cyclops Smash has no wild symbol, so maybe it will smash lots.

Cyclops Smash Slot Features

Cyclops Smash includes free spins, a purchase bonus, and Smash and tumbles.


When a spin or tumble ends without victories, the Smash function may randomly activate. When it randomly activates 5, 8, 12, or all symbols, they move up or down dependent on pay value. The current symbols on the reels determine the symbol order from lowest to highest. Tumbles continue after a Smash, and a new Smash may randomly occur after no more victories occur.

Free Spins

Hit 4, 5, 6, or 7 lava scatters for 10, 12, 14, or 16 free spins. In free spins, when a Smash occurs and a win follows, the win multiplier rises by +1 for all following winnings until the feature ends. Landing 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols adds 10, 12, 14, or 16 free spins.

Buy Free Spins.

Free spins may be accessible instantaneously from the basic game for 100 times the wager. After buying, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols appear.

Cyclops Smash: Slot Results

Cyclops Smash may appeal to fans of heavy items swinging and falling or feet stamping. Metaphorically, yes. Or not. Cyclops Smash’s Smash mechanism is really cool and adds a new twist to the legendary monster genre. Cyclops Smash features the usual Pragmatic Play polish, making it not a must-see but something fresh for cluster pays enthusiasts to play with.

The features were uninteresting on paper, but they can perform crazy things in practice. In one of the initial bonus rounds during our test session, a Smash relocated many helmet symbols to the bottom grid for a 800x win, if memory serves. The Smash function is great for combining symbols into something unexpected. With a win ceiling of 10,000x the stake and a growing free spin win multiplier, it could be spectacular.

If not, Cyclops Smash seems like a one-trick pony. The multiplier and tumble concept make Cyclops Smash a good trick, but Pragmatic Play is ejecting games quickly, so it’s unclear how long it will stay in memory until the next distraction.






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